Quick Sanity Checks You Can Perform While at Work


Since you’re wasting time right now,
why not perform a sanity check
to see if you are insane.

If you prepared a picture of orange
juice to serve at breakfast
and poured a bunch of blue food
coloring into it, enough to turn
it all blue would you still call
it orange juice?

Do you miss the postage stamps that
required you to lick them.

Do you prefer that your cat deposit
a dead mouse or a dead bird to your
backdoor step?

Ever seen a fish washed up on the shore
at the beach. Do you think he got there
because he drowned?

If a cow gores a pig at the children’s rodeo
and loses a horn is the cow now a unicorn?

If you answered any of the above questions
you are insane.

And the cow is now a unicorn.


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