Lessons I have Learned from Animals



Life is exhausting.

Look at cats.

They have 9 lives and have to sleep all day.


I wouldn’t be the first person to propose that kangaroos evolved from jumping whales.

Just the only one not in an insane asylum.


Dogs are better at silent farts than humans.


A rhino in motion stays in motion when dropped from an airplane.

It is prudent to spend a lot of time looking up.


Usually, when a cat attacks you scratching you terribly

and then pees on you, it’s a sign that he or she may not like you.

On the other hand it may mean absolutely nothing,

but you still may want to give that cat to your nephew as a gift.


If your new shoes are causing you excruciating pain

check first that there is not a scorpion in the shoe.

You would be surprised just how often a new pair shoes

come with a scorpion in them.


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