Space Pig



Here comes space pig

in his shiny metallic suit

with his curly tail and antenna.

Calling you to join his coven.

You are the 13th witch,

which completes the circle.

He tips his top hat to you from the window

of his rocket ship on the way to the grocery store.

He forgets the dozen eggs,

but how can the witches stay angry

when the bacon he serves is crispy

and there are bagels with cream cheese

and orange juice for everyone.

Then suddenly one day he is gone

as are the witches.

The mailman puts your neighbor’s mail

in your mailbox by mistake.

That’s when you realize that all this time you

have been living next door to Frankenstein.

You look up and there is smiling Frankenstein

in his big picture window waving and naked.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse you notice

you are standing in dog poop on the lawn by the mail box.

from Frankenstein’s dog.

And here comes big, laughing naked Frankenstein with a hose to help.

I hate it when that happens.


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