Executive Hobo



He seemed like a hobo by the way he carried himself into the meeting.

He had an expensive Italian suit, but all of his belongings were bundled in a red handkerchief at the end of a stick.

After a brief PowerPoint presentation describing his role.

He was introduced as our new Executive Hobo.

We had started thinking further and further outside the box.

So far outside the box that we actually got to where the hobos

were by the vacant lot at the train tracks.

Naturally, it seemed like a good idea to bring in a hobo at the executive level.

When the proposal was made by upper management.

It was hard to even argue against.

Anyway one day he was roasting a pigeon on spit over a campfire in his office.

There was a chaotic stack of empty bean cans outside his office door.

I asked him if he had any ideas.

He said yeah.

“Get more beans and pigeons.”

The next day I was read the riot act by HR for my perceived insubordination.

But I learned a value lesson from my talk with Executive Hobo.

We needed more beans and pigeons.


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