Dinosaur Bar


“Nobody can find Jim’s contact lens.”


I went to the dinosaur bar.

Brontosaurus: My friends call me “Bronty.” Do you want to call me “Bronty?”

Me: No.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: What do you think about my new corn-rows?!!

Me: I would concentrate on your arm routine. My cat can out-bench you.

Pterodactyl: I can fly. Maybe one day I’ll evolve feathers and become a bird.

Me: What the hell is wrong with you?!!

Stegosaurus: I’m going to Spring Training next Saturday for a week. Want to join me?

Me: Go to hell.

Triceratops: Sometimes I like to pretend that my 3-horned head could be used to open a giant coke can.

Me: Did the dinosaurs die from massive drug usage?!!!


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