Either or



Often we are given the choice of

“Either Or…”


Doctor: Either you pay me in cash now or I’ll diagnose you with cancer.


Man: Either you marry me or I’m  taking my dog back.

In this modern world, it’s important that we have choices that’s why

people kindly offer us options by way of…

“Either Or…”

Example at the White House:

The President: Either everyone gets hotdogs with mustard or I resign.

White House Chef: Either I get some help from you Mr. President putting

mustard on all these hotdogs or I resign.

The President: Check and mate!

Often considerate people use “Either Or…” as a way to provide a win-win situation

when things get tricky.

Example at the Philadelphia Zoo:

Gorilla: Either I get a banana or I eat this child that fell over the safety barrier.

Concerned Parent:  He’s filled with bananas… that’s what I fed him for breakfast.

Go ahead. Either eat him or you pay for his Montessori school.

Gorilla: Check and mate!

I hope some of these tips will make you become a better human being.

Either that or at least more liked in prison.


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