Snake Music



It was “snake” music clear and simple.

You know the kind they like to listen to

when they’re being charmed out of a basket.

Though with the extra heavy bass speakers in the back

when the snake drives his low rider down the  street

the windows of the store fronts vibrate reflecting

the  multiple colors of his snake tattoos.

He’s  just come from the library la biblioteca with books on

mouse hypnotism and hamster ventriloquism.

At home he sips whiskey and flips pages.

The next thing we know he’s at the pet store

marching a bunch of zombie-like mice toward the exit.

When the cops come through the front door

he and his mice hide behind a stuffed iguana.

From the cage section a hamster says:

“He’s in the back storage area. Get ‘em.”

As the cops disappear through the door

he loads his mice into the back of  his car

and hisses:

“I’m not going back to prison.”

Turns the keys in the ignition,

which starts the car

and the alluring rhythm

of snake music.



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