sensitive man


One time I was sensitive.

A safe fell out of a window
on a man’s head in a cartoon.

The guy sitting on the couch next to me on the right
and the guy sitting in the Lazyboy on the left “laughed.”

I did not.

I was sensitive one other time.

When the cop pulled me over I asked him if he needed directions.

He wrote up a ticket and handed it to me.

I said: “I’ll take care of that for you and tore it up and handed it back to him.”

He thanked me for not sleeping with his wife.

Oh, Oh, I almost forgot this time when I was sensitive.

There was a bunch of baby ducks crossing the street with their mother.

Three years later, I still remembered that they were yellow.

Well, that about my list on sensitivity.

Sometimes the only thing
people respond to is bold
naked aggression.

Right honey?

Honey: Maybe.
Get back in bed.


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