Danish Harvarti


word on the street

and in the casinos is that God likes cheese

tasty cheese


Danish Havarti

and Cheddar so sharp it cuts itself without a knife

so to speak


Snakeskin Panties and the One-Eye Saint

were in town for a job


here comes Lucy

without Charlie Brown

if you get my drift

dawns early light

amber waves

and so forth

she could feel

both barrels

already tumbling

know what I mean

she’s tambien

with sugar on top

comes gravity

comes tomorrow

comes destroyer

my former employer

Cheshire Green

in the year of our lord

he’s one Anno Domini

mother m*cker

so to speak

when you meet God

offer him a quality slice of pepper jack

with slight hint of cinnamon

and when he asks about your life

tell him you lived it

every  day


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