Monkey Messiah one


You can teach a monkey

how to be a black jack dealer

and how to calculate the odds

of each hand based on all cards

that have been shown in previous hands

still, he remains unhouse-broken

and will shit all over the floor

and you have figure this into your

calculations on how much in such

a role a monkey could save us

our business that is

from an accountant standpoint.

Does the cost of a lower wage

compensate for floor shitting?

Boss: Did you just compliment me on my new haircut?

Unhousebroken Monkey: That’s one way of looking at it.

Me: These haircuts aren’t free you know.

Plus, although I love your monkey messiah

he takes 2 parking space in the parking lot

because he can’t parallel park his Hugo.

Boss: Thank you again for the compliment on my haircut.

And why yes, I have lost weight.

Thank you.

Monkey Messiah: I’ve lost weight and I’m now semi-house-broken.

I want my own corporate jet.

Boss: The toilette paper role should come over the top of the depenser not from beneath.

Monkey: Woah, are you the “boss” or simply God.

Boss: The bible is a book.





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