All My Friends are Ghosts



Though it’s hard to choose one

I’ll tell about my favorite place in Italy

Venice. For this reason…

It’s a city of stone and masonry built upon

a million tree trunks pile driven into the lagoon

It doesn’t even make sense that such city exists.

Which makes being there…magical.

You can place an idea like a kitten

in a cardboard box and hope

it shows up on Christmas morning

but even if you’re lucky you get it right once a year.

You can see tomorrow coming

It’s in your rear view mirror

How did that happen?

One day you want something

And then it’s already behind you

Life’s magic the magician’s

white gloved hands distracts us

to perform the trick

one thing I have observed

is that with every passing day

all of us are dying

but very few are living

Life is short

Which makes being here…magical.

All my friends are ghosts.




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