New World Order with Fries

These circus clowns

could use red noses

that when you squeezed

them “beeped!!!”

“Yes, President Trump.”

Is North Korea

on the metric system?


President Trump: F*ck!

Can we get Pepsi involved?


Possibly Kendell Jenner.

President Trump: And I want Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman is vastly under-utilized.

President: So, what are our options on reasons to bomb them?

They don’t celebrate “Ground Hog’s Day?”

President Trump: Thank you former President Obama.

Dennis Rodman: Sorry, I’m late.

Where’s my Pepsi?

Wouldn’t your rather have a “Coke” mister????


with hearts

as fragile

as a lipstick kiss

on a mirror

we look

and hope

to see hope


in our eyes

when we see

love reflected

it justifies

our hope

our dreams

our dream

of dreams

we have

the why

we’ll find

the how

look now

Oh yes.

Oh yes.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.


Gimme a “coke”


Note: Bass player is now bass player for Metallica.

So, yes…

To anyone who ever doubts you….



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