There Are No Atheists in Potholes


I keep my pothole collection strewn across the roadways of America.

Because it won’t fit in a cardboard shoe box.

Sometime I spray an orange circle around my potholes.

Pundits ponder: Does he do this to make a statement regarding America’s commitment to an energy-free future?

Naysayers and Doubting Thomases: Perhaps he has only one can of spray paint and the color is orange.

Sometimes I and other like-minded individuals measure the depth of my potholes and have selfie’s taken of our hands or other body parts.

We alert the government of potholes deep enough to conceal Godzilla.

Later that day at the President’s press conference he admits limited progress against that pesky squirrel at the White House, but points out that Godzilla is all but contained.

Godzilla peeping out of pothole: “There are no atheists in potholes.”



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