Hollow Chocolate Bunny



After the Easter Egg Hunt we set up a triage
to care for the wounded.
Those deemed unsavable were put down with the horses with broken legs.
As we had run out of morphine after breakfast, those in greatest pain were give marshmallow peeps.
One Easter Egg Hunter with an Easter Egg lodged in his skull was painted up to look like a circus clown.
We figured he wasn’t going to make it, so he might as well bring a smile to people’s faces on Easter.
Later, it was revealed that all the chocolate bunnies were “hollow”.
It wasn’t always this way, but America had changed.
When Fred fell into a vat of green dye, nobody bothered to fish him out.
Being that “green” his life was essentially over.
When the rescue authorities arrived the captain proclaimed: “This is the worst we have ever seen.”
Apparently, on the carrot cake he did not care for the icing made of cream cheese.


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