Humpty Dumpty Goes Easter Egg



There was Humpty Dumpty dressed as an Easter Egg.

I thought to myself, just what kind of bar is this?


I ordered a tall stiff one with an umbrella.

So as not to attract attention,

I pretended to use the miniature umbrella

to protect myself from imaginary tiny rain drops

as I tippy-toed over to converse with Mr. Dumpty /Easter Egg.

Me: “How are the pig knuckles here?”

Dumpty: “Fine.”

Me: “And pork rinds?”

Dumpty:”As right as rain.”

Me: “Pickled eggs?”

Dumpty: “That’s it! What’s your game umbrella boy?”

Me to self: “Hardboiled SOB.”

Me:”Look I’m old school.”

Me: “Oil and vinegar don’t mix.”

Me: “What do you think would be the response of today’s youth

if they saw you looking like an Easter Egg up on a wall?

Dumpty: “I don’t care about today’s youth.”

Dumpty: “I care about wearing bright colors on top of walls!”

Me: “You’re right, I don’t care about today’s youth either.”

Me: “Can you help me get me one of those brightly colored

Easter  Egg outfits?”

“I’ll join you on that wall.”


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