Easter at the Ranch


It was Easter weekend and I had the choice

of either dying eggs or doing my taxes at our ranch.

Fortunately, I heard one of the guests that weekend was a taxidermist,

So, I figured I had the situation covered.

When I handed him my receipts and forms he handed me a stuffed armadillo.

Me: WTF?

He took back the armadillo and handed me an armadillo that had been dyed green.

Me: WTF?

Isn’t this the St.Patrick’s Day armadillo?!!

Taxidermist: Sorry.

He handed me a bright pink armadillo.

Now we were making progress.

Fortunately, I had done my taxes a month ago.

Besides the Easter Buffet we had an Easter Egg hunt for 50 kids.

Many of them ended up dyed bright colors.

This sounded like the work of the taxidermist,

but I didn’t want to bring this up and potentially ruin everyone’s good time.

So, instead I circulated among all the guests and said…

“So, did you get your taxes done!”

If you like come up and enjoy the Easter Spread and Easter Egg Hunt

this weekend at our ranch.


No tax advice will be give out.





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