Amsterdam sex shop

window shopping

makes me think

firecracker popping

makes me think

4th of July

5-foot seventeen

in 4-inch stilettos

puts a bustle

in my hedge row

meet at the casino

I’ll take a Manhattan

with an extra cherry

go hard on the cherry

go extra, extra hard on that cherry

toe to heal piercing hearts

she wipes them

off her spikes with disdain

like the man picking up

trash with a pointy stick

at the park

She’ girl messiah

She’s girl piranha

biting, biting, always biting

always biting she

barbed wire dental floss

she’s barbed wire mental floss

the filthy filly bites

hard the bridle

only happy when

she’s making me suicidal

stirrups, purr ups

when petting her kitten.

She: I have a naughty kitten

Me: I could drink your milkshake?

She said: I need thunder puppy

God: Reverse cowgirl?

sometimes I think about her

think about her before work

think about her before work in the shower






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