Crazy Oxygen

15.1 - Copy (5)


but I need her

need her more than

she will ever know

need her more than

the air I breath

to me she’s oxygen

only crazy oxygen

need oxygen to fan a flame

fan a fire

start anyhing

start a fire

she’s crazy oxygen

so that fire’s gonna bust out

bust out and be a wild fire

be a wild fire one that’s out of control

one that cannot be controlled

she breaks out

the big sexy

when I notice

her in the room

staring straight

out into space

not at me

she lifts her chin

that’s all it takes

the sea and tide

recede revealing

a perfect beach

the beauty of which

ocean’s swept

intimate curve

sucks you down

sucks you to the ground

sucks the air right out of you

she’s crazy oxygen


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