Lord John’s French Omelet


Lord John had the cottons

skimpy little woman briefs

in his pocket at breakfast

surprised he used to wipe

the hot sauce from his face

from her delicious

French Omelet
I used to so enjoy as did everyone…  the clink clinky clang clang
of quarters and other coins when the slot machine paid off.
But Las Vegas infidels had figured out that the light beam
in the machines that counted out the coins could be blocked
with some well-placed counter-light shine-able and jackpots could
be made to pay off until the tray filled.

All slot machines throughout the world were modified.

Now no coins. No quarters. The clink clinky clang clang  is pre-recorded.

She did not have the cottons
She was a commando waitress
and with her mini skirt length
if she dropped a quarter she just
let it be too bad slot machines
no longer took quarters

clink clinky clang clang

Casinos are private clubs, meaning they can escort you from the property for any reason.
For example if you get too hot.
Even more so, too hot without an explanation.

For those that get too hot and try to leave too fast all casinos are laid out to force
you through a “choke” point before exiting. All paths of exit narrow down to just a very
few points of exit, which can then be monitored and controlled better than a road-in on
the Soviet border. Believe me I know.
A little after 1 o’clock in the morning

Lord John reunited her

with her cottons unfortunately

by 6 am they were in the same

predicament as the previous day

Lord John needed another

French Omelet

clink clinky clang clang



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