She: So this is your man cave?

My donut’s dunking.

Let’s go to my woman cave.

We can go spelunking.

Me: Nice, but I’d rather talk about kittens.

You naughty kittens.

You lost your mittens.

Now you shall have no pie.

She: My kitten has been particularly naughty.

I expect extra pie

Me: A-la-mode?

A-la-mode coming right up.

Let me put a little vanilla ice cream on your kitten

And rub it in slowy

Slowy. Slowy.

ever so slowly

but fast enough that the ice cream doesn’t melt

otherwise, I could have just used cream

let’s not waste the cool sensation of when

I blow on your cool, ice cream kitten

blow. blow. blow.

now I’m rubbing your kitten on her nose

because I know that’s what she likes

and what she needs

now your kitten’s nose is covered

with vanilla ice cream

anything to say before I lick

the cool ice cream off your kitten’s nose?

Kitten: Meow?

My thinking exactly.

Kitten: I also like spelunking.

Me: Believe me kitten we are just getting started.


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