bluegravity  firedancebluegravity


I took my girl to the “Piranha Room.”

It sounded sexy.

It was totally love chimp.

Then they started to bite us.

A piranha named “Nomad” bit Sally Mae

on her just south of Texas lady territory.

Slinky walking down the stairs. If you know what I mean.

Freddie Mac dressed in black silver buttons up and down her back.

Any rebroadcast, reproduction, or other use of the pictures and accounts of this game without the express written consent of Major League Baseball is prohibited.

But like they say.

What’s happens in Solvang stays’ in Solvang.

Especially, if you like to eat pastry and frankly why else would you be in Solvang if not to eat pastry.


Knock. Knock.

Open door.

Me: Hello. May I help you miss?

She: I’m Solvang.



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