Scorched Earth two




yes, she…

she wore that skin tight little black dress

made me think

scorched earth

when she walked in those long, lean legs

there was high heels everywhere

cartoon eyes and heart

popping in out of my skull and chest

I definitely had cartoon eyes for this girl

and at this point I was definitely not James Bonding the situation

Miss Money Penney: The boy is tiddly winkers. Positively tiddly winkers.

she was so Icarus

flight of Icarus sexy

when she flew too close to the sun

and her wax wing melted

I would catch her in my arms

Geppetto: Well son, you’re a real boy now. Is she a real girl?

Pinocchia me: See’s a real woman Dad.

she’s a come-hither girl

in her come-hither world

Me: Come on just a little peak at that new tattoo

She: Lookey-loo. Enjoy the site of the accident boy

Me: Tight. So tight.

She: No bumper stickers on this Ferrari

Me: Scorched earth



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