Like Riding a Bicycle


The President had just give his State of the Union Address

and everyone in the office was talking about their sex life.

This was a bit awkward as my boss Bill had just got out of prison

had not been with a woman for a while

and our company had just closed a big porno deal with the Koreans.

He had a “special” date with his ” “cousin” ” that weekend.

Frankly, he was a bit concerned if things went well

that his performance wouldn’t be up to snuff.

Fred: “Don’t worry sex is like riding a bicycle.

You just need to get back on and it will all come back to you.”

Bill  had a similar discussion with Dave who likewise replied.

“Don’t worry sex is like riding a bicycle.”

Finally, Bill went to see his boss our CEO Bob.

He opened the door to Bob’s office.

Bill: “Holy crap Bob, why are your pants down around you ankles?!!”

Bill: “And what the hell are you doing to that bicycle?!!”


Skillex dub step metal remix… did an entire album with Korn…Path to Totality.

Nice dub step treatment Zombie.


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