Summer is a Girl two



Spring is in a young girl’s step

when everything is green

Summer is a girl who plays in the sun

Autumn is a girl preparing for the harvest.

Winter is when Summer and Autumn

stay warm inside by the fire

Awaiting for the step of spring to return.

Likely eating cookie dough.

Actually, Winter is Summer’s and Autumn’s unmarried aunt.

She’s pushing 50 and is still not married.

She has let her eyes brows grow together into one eye brow.

You know a mono-brow.

Like Frida Kahlo.

Because it’s artistic and cool.

And scary to guys.

It’s like when her same friends tell her to cut her hair really, really short

because that’s also artistic and cool.

Also, scary to guys.

Don’t try unless you’re already married and someone loves you

no matter how crazy a haircut you get.

For Christ’s sake I once had a mullet!

The artistic and cool just scares the guys,

unless maybe you’re in your mid-twenties and naked.

Then you can probably shave your head and eyebrows and still get dates.

If your naked and bald and a woman in your twenties,

I would still stay away from that mono-brow thing.

Still pretty scary.

Even if you’re going for that sexy, naked, space, alien, monster look.

But your friends may like it.

And tell you how great it looks.

I think women’s fashion mostly works by women

trying to sabotage the attractiveness of other women.

Their competition.

They might try actually asking a man about a fashion look rather than other women.

If I were trying something different I would ask a women.

I could ask one of my guy friends.

I don’t think he would try to sabotage me.

I just think if I said something like:

“How do you like the way these pants accentuate my behind.”

He would probably just kick my ass.

This is as it should be.

In the end they say that love conquers all.

I think nakedness probably conquers all.

Well, if you really want to go out there

and do some serious conquering.

Go forth and conquer sexy, naked, space, alien, monster chick!

With liberty and justice for all.



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