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A metaphor is like a metaphor…
actually that’s more of a simile.

Language can be so confusing.

Man: That’s extraordinary.
Me: You mean extra ordinary? Yes, a man with 2 heads is downright boring.
Woman: Look extraterrestrials.
Me: You mean extra of-this-earth?
Woman: Yes. Gophers. Did they arrive here in their spaceship?
Me: Yes.

Man: You can’t eat too much healthy food.
Me a year later: Based on your advice
“person A” is ready to run a marathon.
“person B” weighs 400 lbs.

A metaphor is a storm gathering on the horizon.
Good thing a metaphor isn’t like a storm gathering on the horizon
otherwise it would be a simile.

The President: You can’t use too many metaphors in a good speech.
Space Gopher: When you say metaphor is that a metaphor for “references to hillbillies?”

President: Yes.


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