Nice Crown


Dave wasn’t always that way.
He wasn’t always jaded.
He didn’t always look at things
with cross-eyed pessimism.
No Dave wasnt’ always that way,
but then he came out of his
mother’s womb and was born.

Cynthia used to dream about being Tarzan.
For her birthday and Christmas she received
an eye patch, a hand hook, a wooden leg,
and a parrot. When she showed up for 3rd grade
in her leopard skin loincloth she was sent home
for being a pirate.

And for wearing a loincloth.

Everyone started at the bottom of the hill.
Everyone started to roll their pumpkin up the hill.
This year’s theme was leprechauns.
Again, Cynthia was sent home for wearing a loincloth.

Sam ate a stick of butter.

He was deemed the most sane
and crowned King.

Later, at the homeless camp.

β€œHey Sam. Nice crown!”




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