You may have really great ideas and opinions,

but sometimes you just don’t have the stature

needed that people will listen to you.

Cap’n Crunch had stature.

Stature and a big hat, so when he said:

“Bomb Pearl Harbor.”

Hawaii went on to become our 50th state.

Later, America put a man on the moon.


You may be some washed up celebrity who spends all her

time in community service and rehab and who doesn’t even

know how to read or go to the bathroom inside, but because

you have stature if you say something like:

“Perhaps like Europe we should adopt the metric system.”

The stock market will drop 200 points over fears of adopting

the metric system.


Einstein said that a diet low in carbohydrates was his key to

keeping his set of 6-pack abs, but nobody listened to Einstein

because he was a nobody. Now we have morbidly obese America.


If only people had listened to Einstein.

Despite his lack of stature we put a man on the moon.

If we put them there today they would probably be fat.


It’s like being the world’s smallest turtle and you want

to show everyone how well you ride a bicycle, but you’re

still the world’s smallest turtle.


People have a tough time getting past

that world’s smallest turtle thing.


Again, stature.


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