Ice Cream


Now I’m controlling the work bus driver’s mind with my mind.

Now we are arriving at the ice cream factory.

Greeter: Welcome. Those with Titanium hip replacements will need  be placed in water

before they go through the metal detectors.

Sir, no  electric spoons can be brought into the factory.

Tour guide: The inventor of the ice cream cone died in poverty, because he was supposed to be

working on the “Manhattan Project”

Vice President of Hospitality: We keep the poisonous flavors over here in any area marked “No children.”

Courtesy Hostess: Ice cream was originally developed as a weapon.

By a country whose name we have forgotten because they were wiped off the face of the Earth.

Summer Intern: OK…who wants to try their free sample?

All our hands go up.

Bill: Hey, these are pretzels.

Student Intern: Correct.

Jane: What about our ice cream samples.

Student Intern: We don’t have any ice cream samples.

Who would like another pretzel?


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