The Year Without Science


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I like some isotopes more than others.

Most people have such a natural prejudice.

Sometimes when people say “radioactive” what they actually mean

is Nobel Inert Gas, but not usually. (Well, except maybe for Tim.)

Steve: When the Jiffy Pop Popcorn foil expands upon heating is it magic?

Einstein’s Ghost: Yes.

Stephanie: Look. That bird flying in the sky.

It’s science.

Joe: If you mean the fact that a bird can fly and we can’t then you would be right.

Stephanie: What? No.

What? Birds can fly?

No. I meant that that bird was carrying a pan of expanded Jiffy Pop Popcorn.

Steve: Einstein’s Ghost already confirmed that was magic.

Nobel Prize Presentation in Physics Committee: Can anyone in the audience think of anything

involving science that we can use as an excuse for presenting the award this year?

Isaac Newton: Windshield wipers???

Einstein’s Ghost: Sorry. Also, magic.

Chairman: This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics goes to Meryl Streep.

Madonna: This sucks!!!


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