Balloon Payment



I got a call from my loan agent who said my ARM had adjusted

and I owed a balloon payment.

I said great.

I’ll be right down.

Can I get that balloon from a clown?

The agent who helped me when I arrived did look like Ronald McDonald,

but I’m not sure that was intentional.

That balloon cost a lot more than I expected.

I would have expected a number of balloons for that amount.

That’s the tough thing about the housing market.

I was going to cash out and use the money to buy balloons,

but that’s no longer looking like a very good investment.

The peculiar thing is the whole time

we were there discussing my ARM,

I kept giving them a flexed biceps shot.

You would think the loan agents would have  had the courtesy

to acknowledge the progress with my weight lifting program.

I guess they were jealous and preoccupied with the balloons.

If I were a shark I could bite  one of the balloons, then

they would pay attention to my arms.


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