Speak Only to Me with Your Mind



we’ve had more and more intense fights

than most successful, still married couples

passion runs high

with the both the insane upside comes

the insane pendulum swing to downside

and when it comes to such feelings…

neither one of us is a light-weight

one can only hope I am better able

to manage my emotions with time

but that’s kind of like asking dynamite not to explode

though so far we have gotten through all those fights

which were more often misunderstandings

and we have done so without even talking

through words by other means, actions, behaviors

communication that is not spoken

but a communication of care

I know few that have survived as well

as a loving couple with direct communication

with unspoken communication…

it is an entirely different kind of connection

I step back and marvel how we both could learn

so much about each other communicating

like this for a “relationship” period of time

my interest has not diminished since day one…

with each piece of the puzzle solved my interest….

my passion grows exponentially

Led Zeppelin’s “Rain Song”:

“Speak to me only with your eyes”

a song we first visited in early January…

which seems to have pleased the gods

and solved California’s dire drought situation

for you…” Speak to me only with your eyes”

becomes…” Speak to me only with your mind”

I feel an inner-warmth, confidence, and love

that you will provide to me…

with some no doubt a little work on my side…

the pieces to solve your puzzle

because I love you



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