President Minxie

4 - Copy - Copy (7)


Mom: Minxie when I asked you to change the cat box I didn’t mean for you to just shove it under the bathroom sink.
Minxie: There’s no pleasing you!
Mom: Minxie during the 4- hour window when the cable guy came by why didn’t you and answer the door?
Minxie: Weren’t you the one who told me when I was little to not to talk to strangers!

Anderson Cooper CNN: President Minxie what is your strategy regarding ISIS as you haven’t done anything?
President Minixie: I don’t like to do things.
Leader of ISIS: This strategy is brilliant!
No matter what we do it does not affect President Minxie.
We can’t possibly win.
We surrender!
Anderson Cooper: How do you feel about conquering ISIS without doing anything.
Minixie: I’m sorry I was looking at naked pictures of myself to post to Twitter.

Mom: Minxie what do you say we spend some quality family time together tonight
Miinxie: Without a functional catbox and no cable. Are you mad?!!

Anderson Cooper: President Minxie why are you putting that catbox in my car?
Minxie: There’s no pleasing you!


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