Boss Swearing



It seemed like boss swearing had become an epidemic at work.

At first, bosses would swear to make a point that something was important.

Then they started to swear to show they were in charge as demonstrated by their use of profanity.

Drunk on the power of swearing they soon started to swear for almost everything.

The quarterly numbers were down. Swearing.

The color of the annual report came out in eggshell white instead of sand dollar white. Swearing.

Someone had ordered the wrong brand of artificial sweetener for the coffee. Swearing.

Of course, when a woman was present men bosses had to quickly “feign” proper manners

and not swear as this would be inappropriate.

However, when you don’t have any work to do and to look important spend your whole day

swearing some slip ups are bound to occur.


My Boss bursting into meeting:

Boss: Have you A *holes completed my presentation?!!

Boss seeing Sarah:

Boss: Oh, sorry Sarah.

Sarah: No problem you f*cking p*ssy!!!


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