Electric Soap



At first they thought electric soap was a huge break through.
Then they thought perhaps not so big with all the electrocutions.

Then they redesigned it with a new 50-foot extension cord that allowed you
to plug it in next to the toaster in the kitchen. This didn’t reduce
any of the electrocutions, but people seemed to appreciate being able
to plug it in next to the toaster.

The adoption of electric soap spread like wildfire and many said it
was the best thing since sliced bread. I strongly suspect this is
because of the convenience of being able to plug it in next to the
toaster. The “wildfire” part, not sure… as most of the bonfires I have started
in the shower have gone out once I turned on the water.

Marlboro asked for a T-bone Steak
Constantine bought a “box kite.”
Linda, the “free-spirit”, decided to try vanilla ice cream. (She was THAT crazy!!!)
I watched 2 pieces of toast slowly pop out…pop out ever so slowly…ohhhhh….of my toaster like 2 unicorns entering Noah’s Ark.

Eventually, even pirates used electric soap.
Some wore robes from the Holiday Inn.
The following Tuesday NASA announced that the world
was indeed flat.

It had all been a conspiracy driven by the makers of round globes to put the mappers of “flat world” out of business.

“Whale tallow” used to light the world.

Linda:”Whoa, did anyone else notice that this ‘electric soap’ “vibrates????”

Who’s got some “whale tallow????!!!!!!!”








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