Presidential Election 2020



Things eventually got back to normal and sanity was restored.


Presidential candidate one: I’m in line for stamps.

Presidential candidate two: I too am in line for stamps.


Candidate one: I like milk.

Candidate two: I too like milk, but low-fat milk!

Candidate one: I like non-fat milk!! That’s why I am more qualified to be President!!!


One: Hey, look at what that dog’s doing to Anderson Cooper’s leg.

Two: My dog likes milk.


One: You don’t have a dog.

Two: I like dogs and I like milk.


Anderson Cooper: How would you fix the economy?

Candidate one:

Candidate two:


Anderson Cooper: Who wants milk?!


Candidate one: If that dog is done with your leg can he hold my place in line for stamps?

Candidate two: I too would like him to hold my place in line for stamps.


Dog: I would like some milk.


Dog: I would fix the economy by creating more jobs.

Jobs that produced more milk.

More sunshine would also be nice.


President Dog at his inauguration: I like to chase squirrels.

Vice President Squirrel: I like milk.


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