Dogs Were There Children



I knew a couple that didn’t have any children.

I asked them what was the problem.

Through tears the woman said her dogs were their children.

She must really love her children to show such emotion.

The flow of her tears of appreciation increased as I assured her

that her new short “fashion” haircut did not make her look like a man.

Then her dogs came into the yard.

“Who did that…all over the yard?!”

“You’re just like your father!”

“Who drank out of the toilette?!”

“Not so funny when I don’t flush is it?”

“You’re just like your father!”

“Let go of my leg.”

“We’re not going to have sex!”

“You’re just like your father!”

“Stop sniffing my butt and licking your ballls!”

“You’re just like your faster!”

Some people shouldn’t have children.

Or dogs.



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