Welcome to the Polanie orig



Figured out the eye thing?

Everyone likes a good story right?

I am from the “Polanie”

Western Wikipedia “Polans”

Polans….”field’s men”

In the Vatican there is the Sobieski Room with a full-wall mural dedicated to our leader.

He was the last line of defense during the 3rd Crusades.

And the only reason Europe remains marginally “Christian” is that he killed everyone who

wanted this to change.

So, the Vatican honors him.

Usually, countries are defined by “defensible borders”

But in the Polanie there are no defensible borders.

And we have fought war continuously under such conditions for 1000 years.

And we are prepared to fight for…

for forever.

In such regions what develops is called a “Culture of Honor”

Poland gets repeatedly wiped off the map, but it will always return because of the “Culture of Honor”

Of all Slavic regions….

This by necessity is the most violent Slavic region…. the… “field’s men”

You have to understand where the “field’s men” came from..

This region was conquered and settled by Genghis Khan…. thus my eyes.

I am 13.8% Mongol.

“Field’s men” means you survive on the infinite sky plain by whatever it takes.

The “infinite sky plain” is not the Central Valley of California.

It is the Steppes of Russia.

In a “Culture of Honor” with no defensible borders you pre-empt your enemies through your reputation.

Our reputation for such incredible violence that one may not want to invade our lands, cause a problem

for our families, and certainly not disrespect our woman if they want to entertain continuing to live.

That’s just how it is…

It’s not personal.


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