The Natural Progression of Things



As part of the natural progression of things,

eventually a piece of cheese was elected President.

Finally, America was relevant again to the world.

The Pope announced that he would stop wearing a dress.

A duck in an anonymous pond quacked.

After much reflection, grocery stores across the United States

decided that they would start providing free bags again.

There was a palatable new confidence in the air.

Then Vice President “Starving Cheese-Eating Rat” had a meeting behind

closed doorsof the Oval office with the President to discuss what color pants

the Pope should wear

The President was never seen again.

Yet to this day his legacy continues…

Some say he was an angel sent down from heaven to help us during

our time of greatest need.

Some petitioned the now pants-wearing Pope to seek sainthood

for the former Cheese President.

Others said the Pope’s pants made him look fat.

A dog with a smile slowly opened a can of sardines.

After inserting the key he slowly unrolled the metal lid.

Madonna: Did everyone notice how “sexy” I am!!!

Dog: Whoa….that is one leg I do not want to hump.

The Pope: How do I look in burgundy corduroy?

Madonna: Did everyone notice how “sexy” I am!!!

The Pope: Is she wearing burgundy corduroy?

I think I’ll just go with my U.S. Military cammies.



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