I loved my spinning class.

At first I started out with a 30-minute class.

Then I worked my way up to a 1-hour class.

Now if there’s time and space,

I’ll do 3, 1-hour classes in a row.

I have to admit with such an exercise routine,

I can feel a bit dizzy by the end.

One of the things I like about spinning is you can wear a colorful outfit and while you’re spinning you can watch the colors

go round and round.

Another thing that I like about spinning is it lets you yell.

Sometimes numbers.

Sometimes words.

Like:”Yes!” and “No!”

It’s very satisfying.

When I spin I like to fantasize that I’m a giant human top

in my colorful outfit just spinning and spinning.

And of course yelling.

One time after spinning for 2-hours a woman

came in got on one of the bicycles.

She started to ride it.

I said: “Hey, what the hell are you doing?!”

“This room is reserved for spinning


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