The Sad Grocer


I went to the sad grocer.

Everyone was sad.

Tears silently streamed down the man’s face

as he counted out his 15 cucumbers

at the checkout stand.

The next woman sobbed openly

as she bought a can of cat food.

She handed the clerk a coupon for 15 cents off.

The clerk said thank you.

This just made her sob more.


She carried her cat in one of those baby packs on her chest.

The cat sobbed silently.


The next guy in line was a circus clown

with a smile painted from ear to ear.

At first this cheered me up a bit.

Then I realized in his basket

were 16 handguns he was buying.

This was the express line for 15 items or less!


My hatred turned to rage.

I was going to ask him if I might borrow one

of his guns to kill him.


Then I realized I had traveled back in time

and the clown was actually the father of my unborn mother.


If I killed him I would never be born and thus could not kill him.

I became acutely aware that if I as so much stepped on a bug

I might alter the future, while tearing the universe apart in the process.

I let him buy his guns.


He nodded and appeared to smile,

though tears were in his eyes.


Finally, I got to the sad grocer and bought my one item.

I turned and stepped on a bug.


A single tear appeared on my face as I took

a bittersweet sip from my grape soda.


It was the last time I would ever sip such a grape soda.

Due to a lack of sales the sad grocer stopped carrying that brand.


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