Women’s Beach Volleyball Redux

087 - Copy - Copy



Just like other men across the United States the guys at work had gathered in the break room to talk about the success of our US Women’s Beach Volleyball teams and to speak with often animated honor about those who played the sport.


For example…




Dave: Lithuania?! Did you see the size of the hands of the women volleyball player from Lithuania?!


Men love women with big hands. It makes us feel secure when they hold our hands.


Then a “woman” walked in…


Woman: You guys discust me. You only watch the sport because the women are wearing skimpy bikinis. I bet you would watch any sport if the women played naked.


Bill took offense to this comment and objected: Not bowling and golf.


We all raised our hands to give her a high-five and salute Women’s Beach Volleyball.


But she declined to high-five us and stormed out of the break room.


Tom: Can’t you see she was trying to make a point.


We all agreed she was trying to make a point.


What that point was we had no idea.


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