Men Buying Greeting Cards



So, at work we often have women buy birthday cards or get-well-soon cards for other workers.

I thought it was no big deal, so when Bill was in the hospital I offered to pick up a get-well-soon card.


Talk about embarrassing…


They pretty much write greeting cards knowing women are the only buyers,

so as I browsed through a few at the supermarket it made me feel like a woman

or some pervert in an adult book store praying no one I knew would see me.


Hey, there’s my boss looking at cards and wearing nothing but a blonde wig and a trench coat.

Me: Hey, boss.

Me: Boss!

Me: Hey, you there boss!!!


Hmmmm. I guess he can’t hear me.


None of these cards are actually appropriate for one male to give to another male.

I could not find a single get-well-card I could give him which was not embarrassing or which would not make him feel

awkward….frankly “weird” towards me.


Finally,  I setttled on a “my condolences for your lost”, with a picture of a dead guy  on the front, with “X’s” over his eyes.

I didn’t bother to waste my time reading  the inside of the card….


Everyone was glad when he came back to work.

And he was able to attend his own funeral that HR had scheduled.

Be dressed a bear in a clown suit and had him lay in a coffin.


But most importantly…things were not awkward between us.



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