Malicious Michief



When the officer handcuffed me he said

it was for acts of “Malicious Mischief.”

That sounds like something he made up.

Look I was born male. Still am.

I’m always committing acts of malicious mischief.

It’s only the degree of maliciousness that varies.

So after 90 days in county when I got out I looked up

other “made up” laws, so I could be more law abiding

and possibly delay my inevitable path to Pelican Bay.

Here is some of what I found on the books.

1st degree horseplay.

Insidious tom-foolery. (Originally posted 6/22/16…you can look it up…it’s still there.)

Hare-brained kookiness.

Impetuous buffoonery.

Madcap zaniness.

Cockamamie goof-balling.

These laws could mean practically anything.

And I’m pretty sure I was up to at least one

or two of them at any given moment.

Had our country truly become a police state?

With a 51st star added to the flag for this state?

With a crazy made up name like some of the

other states with crazy made up names?

Like. Policifornia?

As I started to cross the street the officer handcuffed me:

“You’re going down good this time.”

Third strike.

Me: What’s the charge?

Officer: Inexplicable, free-range  hi-jinx.


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