Cat Shower Habits



We have a cat box in the garage,

but when I would leave the door cracked during the day

it would either make the house

too hot and stinky during the summer

or too cold and stinky during the winter.


So, we had a pet door put in and the cat loves to use it.

She’s great about going outside to do number two,

but when it comes to peeing she loves to go in the shower.


That cat absolutely loves to pee in the shower.


Then I thought a minute.


Who doesn’t?!!


Unencumbered by aiming…

this is perhaps the only moment of total,

unrestrained freedom we have in our day.


Still, I had to wonder was my cat’s desire

to pee in the shower instinctual,

as it likely is in all animals?


Or had she learned this behavior

by observing one of us in the shower?


Going forward I decided be much more cautious

when my cat was around in allowing her observe

what I did in the shower,

so she would not adopt some of my

even less appropriate behaviors in the shower.


Like not washing behind my ears.


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