Revolution Cheese



“Cheese now!”

Was the message on the billboard.

“Legalize Cheese!”

Read the sign on the post of the protester.

The pastor of the 2nd largest church in America started his Sunday radio sermon

“Let us pray for cheese.”

The ground swell of support for cheese in just the last few months had been astonishing.

Whereas, cheese was once only served in prisons and on airlines there were now entire restaurant districts in New York and Tokyo catering to those who ate cheese.

Mice and sharks were happy being the largest consumers

of cheese in nature.

A man climbed the Empire State Building naked

with a piece of cheddar cheese strapped to his back.

A prominent government scientist proclaimed the internet

would soon be replaced with cheese.

Still there was something lacking in Bill’s life.

A life that on the surface appeared to be ideal.

Great wife, great family, great job.

Nice house,  nice car, financial stability.

Yet, there was an undefined, nagging emptiness

that gnawed at his soul.

Gnawed at his soul that is until…

His wife gave him a piece of cheese.


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