Bean Counter


Joe was a bean counter.

Which was good.

Because they needed to know exactly how many coffee beans

went into each can.

It was a financial thing.

And that was why Joe was a bean counter.

There were 998 beans in the first can he counted.

In the 2nd can he counted out 997 beans one at a time

as he filled the can,

thus saving the company one bean.


He did this repeatedly throughout the day and at the end of the day he had filled 5 cans.

The last 4 with only 997 beans,

thus saving the company 4 beans.

That’s a productive day by any bean counter’s standards.


Unfortunately, we manufacture clutch replacement kits.

So, by the end of the day he had pretty much counted

all the cans of coffee in the break room.

I’m not sure what we were going to do with the 4 extra beans.


Joe pointed out that perhaps they were magic beans

and we could use them to grow a bean stock

to the Giant’s castle in the sky.




My boss told me not to worry if I didn’t understand.

This kind of financial stuff was necessary for all companies.


Then one day an IRS agent showed up.

He needed to go through all of our financial records.

We gave him a cup of coffee.


IRS agent: “Hmmm. This coffee is a little weak.”

“I’d like to see the bean counter please.”



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