The Man Who Paints The Line Down The Middle Of The Road




I am the man who paints the line down the middle of the road.


I am like Moses parting the Red Sea.

Only what I do is relevant to your life

and makes your driving experience more satisfying.


I am like Noah tallying the animals as they enter the Ark.

Only I don’t forget the unicorns, while increasing traffic safety.


I am like Gandhi marching to the sea to make salt.

Only I get to wear a bright orange vest.


I am like “some guy” knocking down the Berlin Wall.

Only I am not German.


I am like God, but I don’t rest on the 7th day

Because I work for the state and get paid double-time on Sunday.


You need not fear me.

For I am a man of peace.

And I am not a German.

And I am strapped in this weird leather and metal harness thingy

as I ride behind the truck that carries the paint

and I can barely move around in this thing

let alone do anything to you

even if I wanted to.


When I eat your soul,

it tastes like chicken.


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