When people ask how I’m able to accomplish

such fearless things in my life,

I tell them I don’t even know the meaning

of the word “fear.”

They tell I’m an inspiration to them and that I’m heroic.


More importantly it gets them to shut up and leave me alone.


I don’t know why this is an inspiration to them.

There are lots of other words I don’t know the meaning

of and I don’t have a dictionary to look them up either.


I would consider this more stupidity than heroic,

but they’re probably benchmarking me against

the best of what they see on TV.


It’s a pretty low bar,

I try to keep that in mind as I struggle to limbo dance below it.

Or when I worry about someone trying to limbo dance under that foot of open space at the bottom of the stalls in the men’s room.


I never understood or liked that open space.

Or  limbo dancers.


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