President Hillbilly

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Me: Any plans for the weekend?
Billie Jo: Crop dusting.
Mary Jo: Shucking corn.
Linda Jo: Making me a baby.
Me: Great. After it was discovered that President Trump was an illegal alien
we were left with President Hillbilly and his entourage.
President Hillbilly entering room: Look at me in my pretty beauty contest sash.
I must be Miss America.
Gwen: That’s a paper toilette seat cover from the men’s room.
and don’t you have to be a women to be Miss America?
President Hillbilly: What century are you living in oppressor?
Bobby Jo: I like to dip my pork rinds in moonshine.
Kim Kardashian: Who wants to see some pictures of me naked?
President Hillbilly to woman in dress: Who are you?
Women takes off dress and panties.
President: Oh yeah, Kim Kardashian.


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