God Finds God



One day Santa Claus and the Zodiac Killer were watching reruns of Bonanza. (Anything is possible in Heaven.)


Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

It was the Angel King Kong and he had brought the Invisible Man and Caveman.


Since everyone had already seen this episode,

God read us some of his earlier poetry work

before he wrote the Bible.


“Now in the twilight the butterfly wings

look like stained glass in a cathedral.


When I was young it was a  hot day.

I left my crayons on the sidewalk

and they bled a rainbow.


Sometimes I wish my mother’s tears

were diamonds.

Then it could be said

I provided for her.”


Everyone looked at each other and cried.

Especially Caveman.


God looked in the mirror and said: “Hey, there I am!”


I was glad that God found God.

And his commercial mojo with his Bible writings.


Fortunately, I woke up from this dream because of my sleep apnea.


Although I was a bit embarrassed, Santa Claus, the Zodiac Killer, Angel King Kong, Caveman, and the  Invisible Man were all pretty forgiving about me farting in my sleep.


Or so they claim!


God waved from his cloud.


The Zodiac Killer: I thought there would be a toothpaste cake!!!!

God: The evening’s young.

How ’bout those Patriots?



Too bad she’s not brunette.

Then she’d be pretty.



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